😎 Snapchat Emoji: Know Meanings of All Snapchat Emoticons

Snapchat Emoji

Are you wondering what the Snapchat Emoji proudly sitting in your snapchat mean? Snapchat is a popular messaging app among youngsters. It is also gradually catching up with the elder generation. Snapchat messaging app allows to send messages photos, drawings and videos quickly. It has become a phenomenal app among Americans by now. Snaptchat has various emojis, friend list emojis, trophies, and diversified emojis for stories. Know the meaning of all snapchat emoticons.

There are friend list emojis, trophies, verified account emojis, chat emojis, and stickers in your snapchat. All snapchat emojis are shared on emojifolio.com with pictures and meanings. The emoticons at this app in your friend list emojis get updated according to the way you communicate with your friends.

How do you snap?

Middlefingeremoji.net brings a whole galaxy of emoticons for you. All ways of getting these emoji in your devices are also shared. You can also copy paste the emojis like senti emojis, loudly crying emojis, heart eyes emojis etc whenever you want to use them. The popular social media apps like whatsapp, facebook and google plus have made the emoticons an integral part of our messages and comments. The snapchat goes a bit further and gives a different world of emojis. Check out and know what fun is lying in the world of snapchat emojis. This app also gives you a freedom of handling your status emojis in a broader way. The friend list snapchat emoji also indicate your communication with the person.

Snapchat Friend List Emojis

The snapchat emoji that you see just next to friends are unique snapchat friend list emoticons. These set of emojis get updated automatically depending on how is your interaction with the friend. Do not worry and get confused. These friend list heart eyes emojis are private and they are seen only by you. Now, let us see what each of the cool and not-so-cool friend list pictographs mean.

  1. Baby face –

  Baby face emoji

The cute baby face with a bit of hair in snapchat friend list shows that the person is just a new friend to you.

  1. Smirking Face emoji

This snapchat emoji says that you are that contact’s best friend but he is among not your besties. He sends you lots of snaps but you don’t snap them much.

  1. Smiley with sunglasses

A face with sunglasses means that one of your best friends is among that contact’s best friends. He is the contact that sends lots of snaps to someone whom you also send.

  1. Grimacing face

Your no. 1 best friend is the no. 1 best friend to this contact. You send the highest snaps to the same friend as him.

  1. Smiling face

Yet another contact among your best friends. This contact person is not your no. 1 best friend, but he is just up there. You send lots of snaps to this friends always.

  1. Two Pink Hearts

You both are no. 1 best friend to each other since two months without a break.

  1. Red Heart❤️

You are no. 1 best friend to each other since two weeks incessantly.

  1. Yellow Heart

You are no. 1 best friend to each other. Both of you send highest no. of snaps to each other.  (Since less than two weeks continuous).

  1. A GoldStar

Gold star

Here can be something interesting! Someone has replayed this person’s snaps during last 24 hours.

  1. 100 number emoji

100 number emoji

This means you have snapped forth and back to someone for continuous 100 days. The emoji of hundred number will appear when you snap to this contact.

  1. A Birthday Cake

This indicates the friend’s birthday. But it will show only the person has enabled the birthday party option in his settings.

  1. An Hourglass


This is not cool! Your snapstreak is on the verge of ending. Send a snap to keep your snapstreak alive.

  1. A Fire

You are sending snap to this contact daily and you are also snapped back from him/her. The snaps are increased day by day consecutively. So just chill! You are on a snapsteak!

Snapchat Emoji for Chat Status

When a contact to whom you have sent a snap returns to view the chat, a smiling face emoji is seen as a status in chat. This smiley turns to a blue dot when the contact is active. Visit this blog to download shrug emojis of snapchat.

This emoji appears to indicate that your friend has just appeared on the current chat. When the smiley and the blue dot both disappears, it means your friend is no more live on the chat.

Snapchat Trophies Emoji

Snapchat trophy emojies include a host of emojis like ghost, rocket, gold star, movie camera, and video tape. In December 2015, new snapchat trophies were released. We have shared here the list of the latest snapchat trophies:

Telephone☎️ emoji  – the phone number of the friend is verified in the settings  
Email emoji – email address is verified in settings.  
A happy devil face (purple coloured) – a snap is screenshotted  
A purple coloured sad devil face – 10 snaps are screenshotted  
A red faced mask – 50 snaps are screenshotted  
Radio icon – a snap is submitted to a live or a local story.  
Clapping board – 10 snaps are submitted to a live or local story.  
Fax machine icon – 5 snapcodes are scanned.  


Snapchat also has additional symbols which are not emoticons. But they provide additional information about your snaps in relation to the contact.

Snapchat Story Emojis / Snapchat Verified Account Emojis

Besides the friend list and the trophies, snapchat has verified account or official story emojis. Official stories at snapchat mean the account is verified. User can download keyboard from google play store. The number of verified accounts at snapchat keeps on changing. The verified account emojis are reserved for celebrities from sports, movies and other areas.

Snapchat fun emoji

These emojis contain icons like balloon, alien, bomb, blue car etc. Emojisare simple and loved very much by people on social media.

Snapchat has evolved a whole new yellow world of distinct emoticons. Each emoticon personalizes your relation or communication with a friend.

Besides texting and posting, you enjoy the current emojisitting next to your friend list. We are sure you are much familiar with the snapchat emoji now. Know the ways to get crying emoji, shrugging emoji and many other cute and bold emoticons at our blog.