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How to Type Shrug Emoji on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac

The shrug emoji, lovingly known as shruggie is all you need to express your ignorance or a happy whatever attitude. One of the most loved creations of ASCII art, shrug emoticon are used over all the social media. The fixtures of this emoticon is widely popular among all smart phone users. We have shared here different ways of typing shrug emoji on your Android or iOS. Also, know how to type shrug emoji in windows and mac. The gesture of shrug emoji is also know as shruggie emoji!

All avid users of social media find it quick and cool to express perfect feelings through emoticons. That is where middlefingeremoji.net is helping users. You will find fastest ways to create all kind of emoji at emojifolio blog. This post shows you how to express shrugging emoji on all different operating systems.

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Shrugging shoulders is an age old expression meaning ‘I don’t know’, or a happy go lucky, cool‘whatever’ or ‘that’s it.’ The gesture of shrugging shoulders comes in conjunction with either flat hands or raised arms. Most commonly the shruggie is typed as ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. The shrugging emoticon is now a part of Unicode 9.0. The shrug is known as a face mark or a kaomoji in the Japanese language. The shrug emoji is similar to any emotion. But this involves katakana alphabet from Japanese. It has become one of the favorite emoticons of the digital communication.

Easiest Ways to Type Shoulder Shrug Emoticon

It is hard to scroll down through twitter or Instagram without seeing a shrug emoticon. The ultimate display of indifference and coolness can be used through different ways:

  1. Copy/Paste Shrug Emoticons


Copying is still the most popular way of using shrug emoticon. This old fashion is undoubtedly the easiest way to use emoticon. But it comes with a limitation of one-time use. You have to search from where to copy every time you need the shrug shoulder emoji. Did you like cute emoji? Check out our this blog, which allows you to copy paste as well ad downloading too cute emoticon.

  1. Shortcut | Autocorrect

The autocorrect feature gives you freedom to create this expression without copy-paste. Find below the ways of creating shruggie without copy paste on different systems:

Create Shrugging emoji on Windows

shrug emoji download free

Search for the ‘character map’ program in your start windows search bar. You will immediately search the program which is in-built in windows. Click the program and a window with special characters will pop up. Search for the TU katakana character and the overlines. The overlines and katakana character are all you need to create shruggie.

Shrugging emoji on Mac

Go to ‘System Preferences’ and click on keyboard, and then Text Tab. Type a command word like shrug or shruggie in the replace column. Copy and paste the shrug emoji into the ‘replace with’ column. Now, every time you type your command word, it will be converted into shrug emoticon.

shrug emojis

You can also choose the exhaustive list of special characters. Just click the ‘Edit’ option in the title bar and select ‘Emoji and Symbols’. Or just press Ctrl+Command+Spacebar to get special character list on the screen.

You will find different options to create emoticons. You may use the katakana letter TU to create smile.

This emoji is created using nine special characters same as heart eyes emoticon: 2 overlines or maccrons, 2 underscores, 2 slashes, two parentheses and a katakana character. Some of the characters are already available on your keyboards.

How to Create Shrug Emoji on iOS | Android

It is pretty simple to create emoji on your smart phones. Different ways to bring up this emoticon on your iOS and Android are shared here:

For iOS

shrug emoji copypaste

Follow the following tabs on your iOS devices:

Go to:   <Settings><General><Keyboard><Text Replacement>

Place a shortcut phrase or command phrase. This phrase or command will be automatically replaced with the shrug emoji every time you type it. Do give an indicative phrase word like shruggie as a shortcut command. Copy the shrug emoticon from here and paste in the ‘phrase’ field.

For Android

Android devices have in-built feature similar to the iOS text shortcut. It is named as Personal Dictionary. You will find ‘personal dictionary’ option in the ‘language and input’ under settings menu. Just as in the case of iOS, simply paste the shrug emoticon in the main text field. Select the shortcut phrase from here.

Now whenever you want to bring shrugging emoji, just type the shortcut phrase. As for windows, any free programs are available to bring emoji through text shortcuts.

Well, one of the trendiest way to get shrug emoji yet remains. iPhone users and Android users can download the shrug emoji app. It is freely available at itunes and play store. Or bookmark our site and get shrug emoji on your computers, laptops, phones, and tablets by the popular fashion of copying. There are multiple ways of creating shrugging emoji. In snapchat it lloks different. To download and copypaste snapchat emoticons visit our site.

Choose your best way and display you feelings in a cute and short way. Emoticons are the cool pieces for communication at social media and chats. We will be bringing more for your fun and expressions.