😔 Sad Emoji: Download Sad Face Emoji for iPhone and Android

Sad Emoji

Emoticons are a cool way of expressing your feelings in different colours and symbols. Every emoji epitomises something definite. The happy face and Sad Emoji are the topmost categories used by everyone. They are popular and indeed mostly used at whatsapp, facebook, twitter and other social media. Our blog is guiding users to use different emoji on Android and iPhones. Face expressions matters in everything. This emoji convey a sense of sadness.

Refer to a complete guide on middle finger emoji too. Through our website  find all types of crying emoji, sad face emoji, laughing emoticon, and shrug emoji. There are tons of emoji available in different versions of all the platforms. Feelings and annotations are displayed through these emoticons while chatting with friends, colleagues or relatives. A sad face or disappointed face findsan immediate place in a conversation to show unhappiness or sad situation.

Sad face Emoji

We have given here ways to get sad emoji on your phones and tablets. There are different ways to use emoji. We have shared them here for different platforms and most popular social media. Sad face emoji are also used to show empathy to friends for their difficult situation. Sad emojis are looks different into snapchat. To see and download snapchat emojis checkout this blog.

Many sad emoticons are covered under Unicode. Sad emoji are very likely to be taken for crying emoji and angry emoji. But the sad face emoji are unique and different from the loudly crying emoji. Get these pictographic pictures in your conversation, no matter which phone or PC or social mediayou are using.

Get 🙁 Sad Emoji on Facebook

Facebook now offers the easiest way to use the sad face emoji. You don’t need to be familiar with the way to type sad face emoji with your keyboard.

Using Sad Face Emoji in your Facebook Posts

Express through a single emoji how you are feeling.

  1. Open your facebook account.
  2. Give a click or write something in the space to write your posts.
  3. Below it click the middle icon (smiley).
  4. This allows you to say what you are doing or how you are feeling.
  5. Once you click, you will find a new menu.
  6. Give a click on the very first option of ‘Feeling’.
  7. You will find different human emotions like ‘happy, ‘loved’, ‘sad’, ‘proud’, ‘crazy’ etc.
  8. Click the sad option to bring the sad face emoji in your facebook emoji.

You will also find other options for sad feelings like sick, exhausted, distressed, and shocked.

Using Sad Emoji in your Facebook Comments

Sad faces download

Among the lately added feature, six different facebook reactions, sad emoji is the one. Indeed, it is going to be used with full swing. Whenever you want to show sad emoji in your comment to your friend’s post. Just move your cursor to the usual thumps up. Get a pop-up of new facebook reactions.

Besides the usual like, you will see emoticons for Love, a Loud Laugh, Wow, Sad and an Angry emoji. Click the sad emoticon to show your unhappiness over something. The best heart eyes emoji   emoticon is used to show your adoration with the post by your friends.


Using Sad Face☹ Emoji on Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a great way of communicating with friends and groups. It is very simple to use sad emoticons in whatsapp.

  1. Choose the whatsapp contact whom you want to send a message or emoji.
  2. Click the smiley icon while your cursor is in the message box.
  3. Hit the second option and open the emoticons chart.
  4. Scroll a bit and you will find various sad emoji.
  5. Whatsapp has several sad emoticons to show distress, tiredness, unhappiness, and disappointment.
  6. You can also choose any crying emoji with a sign of a tear.

The whatsapp emoticons offer a great way to express your sadness or shock overs something.

Sad Emoticons 🙁😒☹

Most of the apps have sad face emoji inbuilt with them. We have given the list to see how the sad face emoji look like.

Host of keyboard combinations show a sad face or frown:


Here is a list of sad face emoji as in google hangout, twitter, facebook, and all the different platforms.


Google hangout / Android



 Facebook emoji











Download ☹ Sad Emoji | Sad Face Emoji Mobile App

All sad emoticons are a lowly set facial features with down eyes. Some sad emojis is also with a single tear running down.

Use the google play store link to download sad emojis when you are not smiling. Show your feelings through sad emoticons and feel better:


Sad faces

To show your sad face emoji in your posts and messages, the most popular ways are stilling typing 🙁 with your keyboard. Another popular way of showing sad emoji as well as loudly crying emojis are copying and pasting it.

Identifying emoji can be confusing at times. People often mistake an emoji showing tiredness for a sad emoji. Our write-ups on different emoji will help you to get emoji in your messages and posts. Stay with us to know all about emoticons and middlefingeremoji.net.