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Crying emoji

Crying emoji are the best way to express sadness and teary face. A face with a curved mouth, oval eyes and a tear highlighted is among the most known emoji. The crying emoji differ in different operating systems and apps. The crying emoji expresses the words: sad, tears, depressed and weeping or crying. If you are connecting with your friends and family members through social media, you must be a fan of emoticons too. Expressing through emoticons is a great new way.

crying emoji

The use of emoji over smartphones and messaging apps has grown into a global language. Your perfect feelings are expressed without using a single word. An emoji speaks it all for you.

Sadness and unhappiness are communicated through crying emoji and sad emojis. It is also known as tear emoji or sad emoticon. This post brings some a cool list of crying emoticons. This emoji express the feeling of the hurt.

Crying Emoji Images

Find here some best loudly crying face emoji. Simple emoticons were already around before the rise of smartphones. See the different emoji icons to express unhappiness in different apps and operating systems. All you need to do is use crying emoji and copy-paste to your device. You can use ASCII code given at the end of the table. Additionally, there are few emoji keyboards available that can be used for the same purpose.

Apple/iOS Picture  apple crying emoji
Android/Hangouts Picture android crying emoji
Galaxy S7
Twitter.com Picture twitter crying emoji
Mozilla firefox
LG Emoji Picture  lg crying emoji
Samsung Emoji Picture  samsung crying emoji
Phantom Open phantom open crying emoji
Emoji One
Crying cat
crying cat face emoji

Collection of Crying Emoji [Tears Emoticons]

All social media and apps have teary eyed sad emoticons for instant expression of sadness. Pictures and symbols are used for communication since ages. Crying emoji helps you to express your distress or tears without spending a lot of time over typing.Sometimes cute emojis cant express exact situation.It is often very difficult to show unhappiness. Crying emoticons have made it simple and cool. The loudly crying face was part of the apple iphone in iOS 2.2. It became an unlockable feature on iPhones. Emoticons are everywhere today on computers, laptops, tablets, and phones.

The crying emoji mainly expresses distress and sadness. There are various versions of crying emoticons expressing similar feelings. Share these cool unhappy emoji with your friends to show your unhappiness at once. Also alien emoticons are easy to identify. Sad faces started making rounds with increasing use of messaging apps and social media.Here are different sad face emoticons:

Sad Faces

Sad face emoticons are used to express sadness and disappointment like crying emoji. Conveying remorse and regret are very simple with these sad emoticons.

Loudly Crying Face

The loudly crying face is an extended emoticon of the crying emoji. It is used to display a feeling of intense pain, disappointment, and hurt.

Anxious Face

This shows your anxiety, and disgust in a perfect way. If you are afraid or in shock about something, no other emoji is better than this.

Tired and Exhausted Faces

These may look very similar to loudly crying emoji. They represent a sense of being exhausted.

Something is getting on your nerves, then this shows it well.

Sleepy Face

Sleepy face shows crying sign, but rather expresses sickness. Mostly people use sleepy face to say that they are ill.

Emoticons are happy or sad; crying or laughing; heart eyes emoticons ;kissing or showing disgust. The Unicode publishes standards for which emoji stands. But emoji are not always used similarly by everyone. Different crying emoticons are used to show a different level of distress by different people. Emojifolio tries to bring emoji which are most in vogue. Get all emoticons at one place to express yourself in all kind of situations. Copy and paste crying emoji unicode to get the emoji on respected devices.

loud crying emoji

Earlier were considered a kind of lingo meant for teenagers. With the wide usage of smartphones, emoji became a mainstream language. Now it is a global language to show how one feels. Our posts on different emoji like crying and shrugging will help you understand what others say. You will also enable yourself to display emotions through emoticon. We hope you enjoyed these crying emoji. You will be more familiar with emoji expressing negative feelings with people. Share us with your friends and kin to let them explore the world of cool emoticons.

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