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heart eyes emoji

A smiling face with heart-shaped eyes, simply known as heart eyes emoji is everywhere on social media. Emoticons are now a universal way of communication on mobiles, tablets and other options. It is rather difficult to stay away from them. Our site is to bring emoji and their applications to all emoji fans. Here we have shown how the love-lorn heart eye emoji looks on different devices and apps. Inheart eyes emoji no teeth are shown.

You can pick the one not available in your device. Use the emoji you want by copy paste. Be it Facebook or Twitter or WhatsApp; all social networks have in-built standard emoji bank. But not everyone is quite savvy with all kinds of emoji. You will also find meanings of all the different cute emoticons on our blog,even you can download and copy paste all emojis. The smiling face heart shaped eyes emoji was approved in Unicode 6.0 in 2010.

heart eyes emoji copy

The heart eyes emoji is a smiling face and red hearts in place of eyes. The emoji is widely used as an expression of love. It is used to express “I love this” or “I love you”. The heart-shaped eyes emoji is supported on all the operating systems. Our list will tell you how this cute and loving emoji looks on different platforms.

It might be awkward sometimes if you use emoji without knowing what feeling they represent. Earlier emoji were found in use among teenagers and youngsters. Trends have changed now. People of all ages are using the popular emoticons are their chats such as keyboard in snapchat emojis ,whatsapp emojis.

How Heart Eyes Emoticons Look?

Do you want to know how these heart eyes emoji look on every different device? Different versions of these emoji have heart shaped eyes. Some heart shaped eye emoticon also express bolder looks with an open mouth or a tongue-out. Explore the different looks of happy heart eye emoji:

Heart Eyes Emoji Images on Different Devices and Platforms

To make things simple, we have provided a list of how heart eyes emoji images look on different devices.

Copy and paste heart eyes emoji from below box

Apple/iOS Picture

appl heart eyes emoji iphone

Android / Google hangouts Picture / Gmail

heart eyes emoji android


heart eyes emoji firefox


heart eyes emoji on htc phone


heart eyes emoji on lg phone


heart eyes emoji for samsung


heart emoji for microsoft devices

Phantom open emoji

heart eyes emoji image


heart eyes emojione


heart eyes emoji on emojidex

Apple emoticons are used on iPad Mac, iPhone, Apple TV and Apple Watch. Whatsapp also uses emoji of Apple emoji images on Android and all other platforms.

heart eyes emoji copy paste

Heart Eye Emoji on Social Media

Going by hashtags, a smiling face with heart shaped eyes is the second most popular emoji on Instagram. The first place goes to the heart emoji. Catch the heart eye emoji as on popular social media:

Android / Google hangouts Picture / Gmail

heart eyes emoji for google hangout


heart eyes emoji on twitter


heart eyes emoji for Facebook


heart eyes emoji for whatsapp

Smiling Cat Face with Heart Shaped Eyes

Now meet the cat variant of the smiling face heart shaped eyes. Well, we do not know the purpose with which the cat variant of this emoji was created. It was also approved in Unicode version 6.0 in the year 2010.


Here is how it looks across social media and all other platforms:


smiling cat face heart shaped

Android / Google hangout

smiling cat face heart shaped for android



smiling cat face heart shaped for microsoft windows


smiling cat face heart shaped for samsung devices


heart shaped smiling cat face


heart shaped smiling cat face for htc


heart shaped smiling cat face for firefox


heart shaped smiling cat face for facebook


heart shaped smiling cat face for twitter


heart shaped smiling cat face for emojione


heart shaped smiling cat face for emojidex

Heart eyes emoji are among the most popular emoticons making rounds on all the social media. Hearts and heart shaped eyes rule the messaging world. Get all information and copy paste for all top popular emoji on our blog. The other popular emoji are shrugging emoticon, crying emoji, cute emoticons, and happy emoji.

heart eyes expression

We would love to know your best emoji that you love to share with your friends. The emoticons spice up the conversations as well save the time over typing how you feel. Our site brings a set of emojis such as crying emojis,sad emojis and Alien emojis with images, information, and look on all devices. Copy paste your favourite emoji and enjoy the emoji fun. Do not forget to check several cute emoticons that will win your favour at once.

What Heart-Shaped Eyes Emoticons Mean?

Emoticons are expressions of what you feel and what you think about something. Heart eyes emoji display happiness and love. It is simply a happy face in love.

  • Share them when you love someone’s post!
  • Share them when you are madly in love!
  • Show heart eyes emoji when you deeply adore something!

The smiling face with heart shaped eyes, now popularly known as heart eyes emoji is now among the most basic emoticons. It was a part of the non-standardized emoji set introduced by Softbank. These heart eyes emoticons were part of the iPhone (Apple iOS 2.20) on mobiles sold in English-speaking nations. Its code was later changed in iOS 5 / OSX 10.7. Now the heart eye emoji is on iOS, OS X, windows, windows phone, and Android as well. Emojifolio is an encyclopedia of emojis and we wil keep covering more emojis as needed.

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