👧 Cute Emoji: Download Cutest Smiley and Flower Girl Emoticons

Cute Emoji

While messaging, you are definitely in awe of the irresistible Cute Emoji. Who will look for words, when a cute little pictograph can say it all for you? Cute emoticons are often used to react against something very pretty and endearing. There are thousands of cute emoticons on different apps and media. Emoji can read everything you want to speak.

Tonnes of emoji out there to express your feelings without typing a word. Overall, any emoticon of emojifolio will helps you communicate better without spending a bit of time. To show your admiration, love and happiness over something, just pop-up a cute emoji. Emoji are most used as expression or reactions. Cute smileys and symbols are also favourite to show appreciation.

Cute Emoji download

We have shared here some cutest emoticons. You will find these cute emoji at Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and all platforms. The pre-set list of emoticons available on different chat apps and phones do vary. Lots of emoji are inbuilt in our apps. It is significant to know their meaning to know them.

The idea of cuteness also depends on the feeling they are expressing. Sometimes, different emoji like heart eyes emojis are used to express the same feeling of adorationand love. Smiley face, closed eyes smile face with a halo, rabbit, flower girl, and flower emoticons are some of the popular cute emoji.

Cute Emoticons to Share with your Friends

All phones and apps like Facebook, google hangout, and WhatsApp and Viber are loaded with inbuilt emoticons. Emoticons are the best way to react instantly. They make it super easy to declare your feelings in messages and status. However, not all emoticons are available on all the platforms and apps. If you want to use some cute emoticon and do not know about them, know them right now.

Here are some cutest emoji to share with your friends.  If these emoji are not available on your phone, you can copy them and paste them in your message. Or download a third-party emoji app to get these emoticons.

Flower Girl Emoji/ Sleepy Flower Girl Emoji

 (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿) (✿◕‿◕✿)

Flower girl is among the cutest emoticons available. Some extra sparkles and glitter make it even cuter. Traditionally a flower girl refers to a young girl who sprinkles flowers during the wedding. This cute flower girl and sleepy flower girl emoji have fascinated the messaging world a lot. Unfortunately, the flower girl emoji is not available on all apps.

Cute Emoji free

Cute and Pretty Girl Smiley Emoji / Girl Emoji

The cute smileys with girlish look are yet other charming cute emoticons. Smileys with cute red or pink ribbons are popular emoji among teenagers. The cute girl smiley emoji are often laced with fascinating pink lips or a blushing smile.

A Smiling Face with a Halo

A cool smiley with a halo, closed mouth, and curved eyes is a part of Unicode 6.0 since 2010. It is often used to express innocence. The same is also used in Facebook and WhatsApp comments and emoji in snapchat for a good person or a good deed done by someone.

Shruggies symbolised by pretty female emoji is yet another cute emoticon. Moon Emoji, kiss emoji, rabbit are among other cutest emoji available in different apps. Get best cute emoji on your devices by downloading the apps from the play store.

How Do Cute Emoticons Look?

Now let us see how these cute emojis pose of different platforms. Emoticons of Girl and a smiling face with halo have varying looks.

Cute Emoticons on Different Devices and Platforms

The girl emoji and smiling face with halo were approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in the year 2010.


Platform / Devices

Cute Girl Emoji

Smiling Face with Halo

Android / Google hangouts Picture / Gmail

 Google hangouts cute girl emoji  Google Smiling Face with Halo


 Mozilla cute girl emoji  Mozilla Smiling Face with Halo


 Cute Emoticons of HTC  HTC Smiling Face with Halo


 Cute Emoticons for LG  LG Smiling Face with Halo


 Cute Emoticons for samsung  Galaxy Smiling Face with Halo


 Cute Emoticons for Microsoft  Microsoft Smiling Face with Halo


 Cute Emoticons for Emojione  Emojione Smiling Face with Halo


 Cute Emoticons for Emojidex  Emojidex Smiling Face with Halo
Apple/iOS Picture    



Cute Emoji on Social Media

The cute girl and cute smiling face emoji are also expressed differently on social media platforms. You may also refer to our post on alien emiji for to make large scary eyes and mouth.

Social Media Cute Girl Emoji Smiling Face with Halo
Android / Google hangouts Picture / Gmail  Cute Emoji google  Smiling Face With Halo on google
Twitter  Cute Emoji twitter  Smiling Face With Halo on twitter
Facebook  Cute Emoji facebook  Smiling Face With Halo on Facebook

Download Cute Emoji Apps and Keyboard for Android

Use the links below to get cute emoji in your devices and use them freely whenever you want them. Make your messages and comments pretty.


You can get thousands of cute emoticons from different categories. Cute smileys are the popular cute emoticons to share with friends and family members. More emoticons are being added to the stores with every update. You will indeed explore all kind of cute emoticons with apps with you. Share information on other cute emoji you love.

Cute Emoji free download

Download or copy and paste the crying emoji, shrug emoji, and a host of all categories at our blog. We will be soon posting other cute emoticons like moon emoji and rabbit emoji. Find the guidelines to get emoji on your android phones and iPhone. We will be bringing some more popular and lesser known emoticons for you. Share your reactions at once with cool emoticons and smileys. Do remember to share us with your friends on social media.