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alien emoji

As we are set to explore the world of emoji, here is one weird emoticon which took over in 2015. Learn how to copy and paste the Alien emoji into your social media posts. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other media have inbuilt support for standard emojis. However, you can also easily copy paste them. Not all emoticons are supported by every device. If you are unable to find any emoji you want to use, you can get it from our blog with a simple copy-paste action.

alien emoji Copy-Paste

This extra-terrestrial alien is a unique symbol. Your device needs to support it if you want to use it. Different devices may also have different versions. The table is shared below with all different versions of alien emoji. To download the emoji you need to follow the code.

It will show you how it appears on your device. With many devices, you can just give the short code :alien: to add this alien to your chats.Some alen look little bit cute. To know and download that type of cute emojis you can download in our blog.

The alien emoticons are popular after the launch of iOS 8.3. Alien emoticons are easy to identify. It uses a stereotypical depiction of a hairless head with large scary eyes and a mouth. This emoji was basically a part of the proprietary and non-standardized set of alien emoji. This was first introduced by the Japanese Softbank. Later on, it became part of the Apple iOS 2.2 as an unlockable feature in the English speaking countries. The underlying code was changed in iOS 5.

Alien Emoticon Information

Here is a brief information on Unicode category of this emoticon:

  • Unicode category: Miscellaneous symbols and pictographs
  • Unicode version : 6.0
  • Unicode point: U+1F47D
  • Unicode sub-category: Fairy tale symbols
  • Unicode range: 1F300-1F5FF
  • Short code – :alien:

The alien emoticon has been approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in the year 2010.

alien emoji Download

How to Use Alien Emoji on Social Media

All the standard alien emoji which are in-built and supported by the social networks can be accessed through a menu. You can also use the text version by copy paste. Using emoticons in your posts is a lot more than just being expressive. Expressing your feelings and comments with special emoji like crying emojis, sad emojis, heart eyes emojis and funny emojis ¬†also means creativity. Above all, it’s a fun to express yourself in comments and posts by using cute emoticons.


However, not everyone you are messaging may have support for this emoticon. In some social media, the only the restricted emojis can be used in the descriptions and names. Locate the alien emoji face in the menu of the emoticons in your social media. We have given a list of all alien emoticons from different versions and networks. This will help you identify how this emoticon appears in different messaging apps.

Alien Emoji on Different Versions & Social Media Platforms

Here is how an alien emoticons looks on different platforms. If you want to use the images of this extra-terrestrial readily, just copy them and paste them in your messages. You may also copy and paste the text version.

alien emojis

Alien emoticons indicate a huge number of connotations. From actual UFO sightings to Halloween day indications, they are also used to express a feeling of being out of place.

Emojis are cute but not always very easy to use. Some emojis are simple and easy to understand what they depict. While some are just ambiguous and vague. Sometimes your chatroom uses it for a special purpose. Not all emoticons are terribly expressive and useful but they tend to make your digital conversations creative.

Alien face emoticon is considered one such as it simply depicts planet invaders. However, people still use it in special contexts during chats. The emoticon is also popular for sending Halloween day wishes. You will also find some cute emojis on our blog to express your happiest feelings.

Apple/iOS Picture

alien emoji for ios

Android / Google hangouts Picture / Gmail

alien emoji for android


alien emoji for firefox


alien emoji for htc


alien emoji for lg


samsung alien emoji


microsoft alien emoji


emojione alien emoji


emojidex alien emoji


facebook alien emoji


twitter alien emoticon

Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger alien emoticon

Other emoticons related to alien emoji are alien monster, skull emoji, and jack-o-lantern. Japanese ogre is also a related one.

Alien Monster Emoji

Alien monster emoji is extended form of alien emoji. It depicts a type of unknown creature with a monstrous look. It is known as purpose space invader alien in the Apple artwork. In Google’s artwork, it is represented with a pink coloured ghostly figure. People can also use sad emojis for expressing different mood which are in alien emojisThe alien monster is approved as a part of Unicode 6.0. The alien monster features in video games.

Find out how alien monster emoji looks in different devices and platforms:

Alien Monster Emoji

Apple/iOS Picture

Alien Monster Emoji iphone

Android / Google hangouts Picture / Gmail

Alien Monster Emoticon Android


Alien Monster Emoji Firefox


Alien Monster Emoticon htc


Alien Monster Emoji LG


Alien Monster Emoji for Samsung


Alien Monster Emoji for Microsoft


Alien Monster Emojione


Alien Monster Emojidex


Alien Monster Emoji for Facebook


Alien Monster Emoji for twitter

The shortcode for the alien monster is :space invader:. The code point is U+1F47E. This one definitely differ from the simple alien emoji. However, both refer to extra-terrestrial creatures. These emoticons are among the one that carry large variance across different devices and networks. Our blog also provides information and images for all different emoticons. Whether you are looking for weird alien emoticon or cute flower girl emoji or shrug emoji, we have it all. Share us with your friends for all the fun emoticons are spreading through different networks.

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